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FREE DIALER PCDialer Released


FREEDIALERPC Dialer -Brand Pin 4200
New Dialer Release


BRIDGEPC Dialer -Brand Pin 4200
Remove old before installing new


Express PC Dialer

ITEL PCDialer  Version 1.0.2
Remove old before installing new

ZemPlus Dialer - OP Code 28004


GOLD PC Dialer - iTel OP Code 19551


VoxPC Dialer -Brand Pin 4200
New Version 1.0.6, Remove old before installing new

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The advantage of using ourcard is that, our dialers are "Automatically Updated".

So no need to reinstall dialers after each block...

Happy calling...!!!!

INDIA ---------451 MINS

Are you a Blackberry, IPhone or Android user ...?
Regularly visit the website for latest updates and be updated on our latest mobile dialers


Go to Appstore in your iphone or
Playstore in your Android and search

ZEMPLUS ----dialercode: 28004 or
MOSIP --- -dialercode:4200 or

Download it and enter the credentials...

If you facing any voice issue,just go to Appstore / Playstore again and click on Update.That will solve your issue....

Need more help ...?? Just click on our online chat and our support staff would be happy to help you..


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